Strength Videos

OK, I had to sort through a lot of crappy videos to get to some good ones that demonstrate proper technique. The quality is certainly better on some than others. As I said before, there are a lot of exercises with multiple variations, so I wanted to find ones with the technique I like for cyclists. You should pay extra attention to technique and commentary for anything you are doing with high speed (e.g. power cleans) or high weight (e.g. squats, leg presses). Enjoy.


Total Body


Wood Choppers:


Dead Lift with Row:


Dead Lift:




Push Up & push up variations:


Push Up with Rotation:


Dumbbell Bench Press:


Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press:




Single Arm dumbbell row:


Pull Up:


Pull Down:




Dumbbell external


Empty Cans:




Single-leg squat touchdown:


Stability Ball Hamstring Curl:


Step Up:






Calf Raise:


Leg Press:




Multiplanar Hop:


Split Jump:


Single Leg


Squat Jump:


Power Clean: