Core Exercise Videos

Well, upon further thought I decided that I should let the real experts show you how to do these strength training exercises. I may post demonstrations of warm up and cool down exercises later on YouTube, but for now, I went through the core exercises and looked for the best videos I could find online that demonstrate proper technique. In many cases there are different variations that will work, but these are closest to what I prefer. I will start with core exercises and move on from there. Enjoy!

Bird Dog:


Reverse Crunch:

Bicycle Crunch:


Plank on stability ball:

Side plank:

Supine Bridge:

Supine Bridge on Stability Ball:

Prone Cobra:

Prone Cobra on Stability Ball:

Stability Ball Knee-to-Chest:

Stability Ball Pike:

Mountain Climbers/Knee Drives:

Mason Twist: